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Heat Resistant Labels

We provide self-adhesive labels, metallic Tags and heat activated labels suitable for labelling siderurgical products (steel, aluminum and precious metals) and ceramic products, that reach high temperatures (up to 1250ºC), handle harsh environments and chemical exposure.

These self-adhesive labels, metallic Tags and heat activated labels are supplied at the optimum size for the application and can be printed by thermal transfer by the end-user. The design software is easy to use and the information to be printed includes a wide range of texts so as 1D and 2D barcodes.

We also rely on our own Product Development Department and test Lab, enabling us to develop and test the best solutions for all kind of siderurgical products (bars, coils, forge parts, billets, ingots,...) and ceramic products, based on the following factors:

  • Location of the label
  • Application Temperature
  • Texture of the Surface
  • Maximum temperatures and duration of the processes
  • Budget

Furthermore, together with our Partner, we specialise in print and apply solutions (manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic) at your production line, depending on the temperature, number of labels and budget for each application.

Application machinery

Thermal transfer printer

Thermal transfer printer

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