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RFID labels

We provide RFID labels that allow to set up automated identification systems based on the emission and reception of radio waves. Main advantages of tagging products with RFID labels:

  • No line-of-sight between the reader and the tag is required, since radio waves can go through a wide variety of materials.
  • Data can be stored and reprogrammed directly during the reading process.
  • Tags can be read in bulk in extreme environments, since the tag can be protected from outer exposure.

There are different types of RFID labels depending on the application: NFC, HF, UHF. Further advantages:

  • Identification of parts at the source; traceability.
  • Identification for subsequent technical assistance purposes, receiving variable data on the tagged product.
  • Identification and variable data, anti-counterfeiting control.
  • Control of goods.
  • Control of stocks, anti-theft.

This alternative is therefore ideal for a large number of sectors that need to incorporate variable data into their product: logistics, foods, cosmetics, textiles, wines, electronics, airports.


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